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Pictet starwood group hit Shanghai international hotel investment join the exhibition

Date: 2018-12-02

On November 21-23, the sixth China (Shanghai) international hotel investment and franchising exhibition held in Shanghai national conference and exhibition center, pictet starwood hotels group and the hotel brand made its debut, this exhibition with dark horse carriage and broadly popular, concentrated 35 contracted projects of high-end hotels, including signing project owners of the company are mostly super billions asset group, highlights the starwood brand strategy.As a new hotel group, pictet house broken innovation hotel brand lifestyle scene, reshaping the high-end hotel products, create a unique and effective operating model, integrate tourist resources Fang Jiang potential can assign for the owners, investors in this exhibition.Starwood group contracted industrial complex of wind restoring ancient ways to open the exhibition hall has become a major highlight of this exhibition.

Pictet starwood hotels group was established in Hong Kong, is a gull feathered investment (OceanLink) and hotel industry leaders together to create new generic tourism industry platform.Platform gathered industry senior management team and outstanding talent, focus on the asia-pacific region in the selection and development of high-end boutique hotel brand, build pictet house Lifestyle laboratory (Betterwood Lifestyle Lab).Based on deep insight of consumer, through continuous introduction of high-quality products and services to the market, pictet house will be devoted to enriching the personal life experience of modern people, to create long-term value for hotel investors.
Pictet house has strong resources integration ability both at home and abroad, its Hotel brands including Germany Lean key-2 Luxury lifestyle Hotel brand Ruby Hotels Hotels (gem), France boutique five-star Hotel brand Maison spends Hotel (amber Hotel), Spain, high-end Hotel brand Barcelo Hotels & Resorts (Barcelona) Hotels & Resorts, are participating in this exhibition, fully shows the pictet house lifestyle brand matrix in the lab.The cooperation of pictet house brand American modern light luxury brand Shilo Hotel (bo Lin Hotel), also held a launch in the show window.Bo Lin hotel, with its industry outstanding business model, and the stock market will set off in the end of the hotel.

Pictet starwood hotels group at pictet house the laboratory of the lifestyle brand platform, attracted a cross-industry elite team power brand development, strategic cooperation intention.International tourism association, China's tourism industry development, a think-tank, Hilton Hotel group in China owners association, KaiHui five plate gold investment consulting co., LTD., shenzhen hotel management network technology co., LTD., egger (shenzhen) co., LTD., institutions such as pictet house and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to support platform and brand development.At the same time, from the industry elite like pictet house, the development of multiple agencies and a number of development, managing the scene gave nameboards career development partnership agreement, accept, hand pictet house will quality hotel brand to more cities, let more owners' benefit.
Mr Mike zeng, arriving from Thailand pattaya on the scene after Barcelona brand cooperation agreement, excited about their in numerous international brands choose Barcelona brand, is bullish about Barcelona as a famous resort hotel brand in the global development.Although Barcelona to enter the Chinese market is not long, but in the world's brand awareness is very high, especially the "one hotel, a story, a world" brand concept, perfect the combination of the hotel and the local culture, at the same time can interpret the owner of the thoughts and ideas.Mr. Zeng fully accredited pictet house team in the industry resources, capital background and professional operation ability.The contracted projects are from Thailand, South Korea, Japan and the domestic more than 20 cities of the investor, super billions asset group 11, two super billions of assets group.

In the case of high-end hotel market encounter cold, outshine others at starwood hotel group, fully demonstrated the power of the brand and team business development ability.Starwood group director hua-sheng li, President of the exhibition project cooperation signing ceremony, said the Chinese hotel market is not lack of high-end brands, but the lack of tonality and brand strength of the hotel products, the market is waiting for more potential brand hotel.Pictet house hotel brand will always adhere to quality line, in order to promote the consumption of customer experience value.